Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Impulsive Hair Cut- We`ve all been there

 If you have ever suffered  through the painful   growing out  phase of a "breakup"  hair cut, then you know where I'm coming from when I tell you how difficult it is to part with even an inch of the security blanket  that`has been growing back

Security blanket in all its glory 
The impulsive need to change my hair stems from a dark, versatility-free place that once convinced me I needed to go Beiber short to be happy.This dark place tends to sneak up on me from time to time, its the same place that convinced most mothers that a bowl would be the perfect way to ensure a flawless and easy trim on their daughters precious heads.

Beiber haircut grown out 
Let me start off by explaining how I got my most recent impulse driven haircut:
While working one evening, my best friend ( who I will from now on refer to as " Boo Boo" ) messaged me asking if  I would be up for free hair products and a free cut. Never one to turn down free anything, I excitedly agreed, reasoning that I needed a change after going months with the same frazzled ends.
Slightly hesitant, my only request was that I didn't go bald or back to my Beiber days. My stylist  kindly reassured me that he wouldn't go too short and I let him have control of my coarser, waved hair. After quite a long time in the chair and quite a lot of blow-drying I was pleased with the result and even more pleased that I walked out of the salon with some length left. 

Shorter, cuter but less versatile

While the cut is very fresh and easy for the summer, it lacks the versatility that i  had gotten used to with my security blanket mop, I wear it one way that I feel comfortable with: straight and down. I used to be the kind of girl that could cut a good 6 or so inches off of her head and still know exactly how to style it but I found myself at a loss this time. I had grown too attached to the versatility of hair that hung below the shoulders, I'd become too accustomed to the easy curls and lazy ponytails.  I loved my hair cut, but missed my hair ( as misguided as that sounds). 

!!! :)
My dilemma was that that I wasn't sure how to feel about what was happening with my hair.  Did I like it if  I was missing the length? How would I get used to the different routine that I would need to adopt to  maintain a healthy growth pattern? Like all things though, it wasn't just a matter of guess and check, of trying new things and trying to remember how I maintained a shorter style before.

At this point, I'm in love with the hair and I would be in love with it if I walked out with a Mohawk or  a buzz cut. Its a transition period that I had never gone through with any other hair cut before and there lies the danger in putting too much faith into a security blanket. Its a matter of rolling with the punches and living in  the present.

After all, its just hair :)

- B

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